How will I know what is happening with my contributions and about other Fund activities?

The Retirement Fund will send you ongoing communications to keep you informed about events related to the Fund. These are the communications you will receive:

The communication you will receive

Fees and charges deducted

How the communication will inform you

Member's Guide

When you join the Fund

It explains how the Fund works and the benefits you are entitled to

Member Benefit Advice

Twice a year, after January and July

It explains the monetary value of your benefits in the Fund, the fees and charges deducted from your accounts, as well as interest added.

Annual Report

On request, after July, together with your Member Benefit Advice

It explains the activities in the Fund during the year under review. You will receive information about the Fundís investments, changes to the Fund, and any other important information you need to know.

What happens if I want to make contact with the Fund?

As a member of the Fund you are entitled to ask for information about the Fund. You can do this in writing, by telephone or fax or e-mail to the Chief Executive Officer, Retirement Fund Board.

What happens if I want the Fund to know that my personal details have changed?

If your personal details change once you have joined the Retirement Fund they can be easily updated by contacting the Chief Executive Officer, The Retirement Fund will issue you with the necessary form to arrange for the Retirementís Fundís records to be updated


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